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Programs related to Mental Health Physiotherapy


Discover exceptional training in mental health physiotherapy! 

  • IOPTMH is organizing online webinars, workshops and other training activities on specific topics in the field. Check our website or social media for more information:

  • Almeria University (Spain) is running the Master of Physiotherapy in Basic Body Awareness Methodology, 60 ECTS (in English, hybrid). Check this out at

  • Association of Physiotherapists in Mental Health from Mexico has launched the International Diploma of Mental Health Physiotherapy certified by the Autonomous University of Mexico (in Spanish, online). More information at

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association offers the APA Mental Health Course (in English). More info at

  • Brazilian Association of Physiotherapists in Mental Health runs postgraduate programs for physiotherapists in mental health (in Portuguese, online). More info at

  • Catholic University of Leuven is offering the Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy (Specialisation: Mental Health Care) 120 ECTS. More info at:

  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapists in Mental Health (UK) offers the Summer Conference “Integrating Physical and Mental Health- Innovative Practice: What’s new? What’s next?” (in English, hybrid), September 8th 2023. More info at:

  • Colombian School of Rehabilitation is running the Postgraduate Certificate in Basic Body Awareness Therapy (in Spanish, hybrid). Website:

  • Danish Society for Physiotherapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health offers postgraduate courses in different areas such as Basic Body Awareness Therapy (in Danish). More info at:

  • Dutch association for psychosomatic physiotherapy offers a variety of postgraduate programs. Master of Science in Psychosomatric Physiotherapy (Utrecht University), Master of Psychosomatic Physiotherapy (Avans+) and courses (in Dutch)

  • PhysioAustria organises the Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy (NPMP) Basic education for physiotherapists. See detailed information:

  • Spanish Association of Physiotherapy in Mental Health offers postgraduate courses and seminars (online, in Spanish). More info at:

If you need some more information or contact with these training organizations, write us to

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