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Award for the Best Infographic in Mental Health Physiotherapy

The International Organization of Physiotherapy in Mental Health (IOPTMH) is pleased to announce the launch of the Best Infographic Award to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of our members in the field of mental health physiotherapy. This award aims to promote the use of infographics as a powerful tool for raising awareness and disseminating knowledge about mental health physiotherapy.

Award Categories:

1. First Place: Best Infographic

2. Second Place: Runner-up Infographic

3. Third Place: Honorable Mention Infographic


Each award category will be accompanied by an economic prize to acknowledge the exceptional efforts and creativity of the winners:

1. First Place: 150€

2. Second Place: 100€

3. Third Place: 50€

In addition to the three main awards, IOPTMH will also present two Accessit Awards to acknowledge individuals or teams who have shown exceptional dedication in promoting mental health physiotherapy through their infographics.


- The award is open to physiotherapists from member organizations of IOPTMH.

- Participants can submit only one infographic per person/team.

- The infographic should focus on a topic related to mental health physiotherapy.

- Infographics must be original and not previously published or submitted for any other awards.

- Participants must have the necessary permissions and rights to use any copyrighted material in their infographics.

Submission Guidelines:

- Infographics should be submitted in digital format (JPEG or PNG) and should be visually appealing, clear, and concise.

- The dimensions of the infographic should be no larger than 2000 pixels in width and height.

- Along with the infographic, participants should include a brief description (maximum 200 words) explaining the content and message conveyed.

- Submissions should be sent via email to with the subject line: "Best Infographic Award Submission."

Evaluation Process:

- All submitted infographics will be reviewed and evaluated by a panel of judges selected by the Communication and Institutional Relations Committee of the IOPTMH.

- The evaluation criteria will include clarity of information (20 points), visual design (20 points), creativity (20 points), relevance to mental health physiotherapy (20 points), and overall impact (20 points).

- The judges' decision will be final and cannot be contested.

Important Dates:

- Submission Deadline: 30 April 2024

- Evaluation Period: June – August 2024

- Announcement of Winners: September – October 2024

Important information:

By participating in this award, participants grant IOPTMH the right to use and publish their infographics for promotional and educational purposes, giving appropriate credit to the creators.

We encourage all our members to showcase their talent, creativity, and passion for mental health physiotherapy by submitting their infographics for consideration. Together, let's raise awareness and inspire others through the power of visual communication.

For any inquiries or further information, please contact

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